Witchy Subscription Box


With this subscription you will receive Witchy Goodness in your mailbox every month. Each box will typically contain items and components to enhance your Witchcraft and bring your magic to the next level every month! Add to your grimoire with the included instructions for how to incorporate the items into your craft. Additionally every box contains an altar cloth and items that can be used and reused in your daily practice.

Every box is hand sourced and intentionally chosen with items of the highest quality and with written instructions and information to support you in levelling up your Witchcraft practice on your own

Crystal of the Month

Each crystal in this subscription comes with a card outlining its metaphysical properties and uses. Every crystal is hand chosen and infused with positive energy. This is an exciting way to draw forth the energy you need into your life while simultaneously building a beautiful and energetically powerful crystal collection for your altar and your life.

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