Intuitive Coaching

So, you’re ready to uplevel your life and truly embrace your own magic? 

Well, you’re surely in the right place. 

Working with me means you are motivated; it means you are willing. 

Working with me means you are ready to deprogram patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving your highest good and ultimate healing. 

Working with me means you are ready to look into yourself and to love whomever you find there. 

But first, you should know some things:

Our work will be a walk of love. There is no tough-love approach here. Self work is hard enough. I don’t need to be hard on you, too. 

Our work will illuminate your own work. 

Our work will be your mirror and will illuminate the ways you struggle to choose your goals and alignment. 

Our work will hold up a candle to the dark spaces you’re running from. 

I will provide you a safe container to view yourself and to carve out the life you dream of. 

I will provide a channel of support and divine connection. 

I will provide insightful and inspiring questions and perspective shifts so you can find out how to make the impossible possible. 

I will provide instruction on magical and spiritual alignment to greater advance your goals. 

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Witchcraft Academy


Rhian’s favorite way of connecting is through teaching and sharing information. She believes everyone is capable of doing anything they feel called to, including connecting with and communicating with the Divine. She is here in service and that service is teaching Spirituality and Self Empowerment through Self Work. 

 To learn “literally everything” she knows (in her words), join Rhian in expressing her life’s purpose and regularly dropping into channel for her students in MW Witchcraft Academy. 

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Intuitive Readings


During a reading with Rhian you will be given insight into what the energy is of your current life as well as your general personality, life path alignments and the archetypal energies you carry within yourself. 

In a reading session Rhian brings her guides and her guardian angels into a safe and sacred energy room she creates and maintains on behalf of herself and the client. She then connects to you, your guides, your guardian angels and any other spirit beings who wish to be present and shares insight and messages for your highest good and ultimate healing. Rhian can provide insight into any and all areas of your life: love and relationships, friendships, parenting, family, career, and anything else you may have questions about. Have photos handy if you wish her to read the energy of anyone specific. 

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Past Life Readings


In a past life reading you, get to choose if we are receiving information about a life you led in a certain historical or geographic region or if you wish to know if you’ve ever shared a life with anyone in your family or current life before. You can also choose to receive information that will help you in your current lifetime as well. There are no rules. Rhian will then channel the life and all pertinent details and relay that information to you from her guides. 

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Medium Readings

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In a Medium Reading, Rhian merely asks to know the relationship of the person you are summoning to you. She specifically does not want any other information whatsoever. Rhian will slip into her channel and begin relaying information from your loved one to you. There will be a portion where you are able to ask questions and receive answers as well. 

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