About Rhian

Rhian Lockard is a multi-certified Life Coach, Interdenominational Ordained Minister, Psychic-Medium and the Head Witch at Moonstone Witchery. She is also made of glitter, compassion, crow feathers, smokey quartz chips, laughter and opinions.

Rhian has been in Private Practice supporting her coaching clients in achieving their life’s goals for over fifteen years. She’s been hearing the dead and knowing way more than she should since she was a young child and has been offering psychic readings officially since 2014. Spells have been manifesting at her whim for her entire life and she has been a Witch ever since her friends and her formed a coven in the 8th grade; but Rhian truly anchored into the tangible practice of Witchcraft as an entire lifestyle in Divinity School in 2012.

Rhian loves sharing self empowerment with any and everyone and believes that the truest magic is achieved when we are able to heal ourselves and live a truly aligned life. She helps you get there through the magical alchemy of self work, divine communication and magical tools. 


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I offer intuitive coaching, intuitive readings, past life readings, medium readings, and the moonstone witchery witchcraft academy.

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